Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Students have given plenty of excuses for not doing homework assignments with many being hilarious. Sometimes it is obvious you don’t have your work completed but you need an explanation you think will be good enough to cover your tail. Sometimes an excuse is created at the last minute with many too goofy or off the wall for the occasion. Fortunately, if you need some ideas for an excuse there are a few to consider people have used in the past. Here are a few excuses given to teachers when students didn’t have their homework.

How to Get Away with Not Doing Homework: The Dog Ate It

As a common story that many thought was considered one of the good excuses for not doing homework, in some cases it has been true. Even adults remember using this excuse when they were in school. There are some students that have had this actually happen, but some may have encouraged their pet to destroy their homework, or they turned their back for a minute to do something and the dog actually chewed it up. Whether or not the dog ate it, it is a funny moment in the classroom when a student says my dog ate my paper.

Excuses for Not Doing Homework: I Forgot to Finish It

One of the best homework excuses is when a student says they forgot about it. It is a great excuse especially when they are telling the truth. When you get caught up in other activities it is easy to forget your academic responsibilities. At times it happens to the best of us and sometimes it makes you feel bad that you forgot to complete your work. Of course, on the other hand, you have some that will say they forgot to complete it except they did so intentionally. They even admit they forgot in front of the teacher but many suspect they just chose not to do the work.

One of the Best Homework Excuses: I Didn’t Know We Had Homework

Some use this excuse and think it is a great way to consider when wanting to know how to get away with not doing homework papers. The “I didn’t know” excuse may be true in some cases, but it often depends on the situation. Sometimes teachers are not clear on what they expect students to do. Students may leave class somewhat confused on what they are supposed to do. Most likely, students using this excuse didn’t bother to do the work and didn’t think the assignment was significant anyway. Of course, the class clown is likely to use this excuse which fits their character just fine.

Good Excuses for Missing Homework: Family Emergency

Sometimes you may have good excuses for missing homework if something happened within the family that was out of your control. If an accident occurred or you had to help a family member do something important that took time away from completing your assignment, it may be a legitimate excuse to the teacher. The only problem with this excuse is if you’re not able to prove that something happened in your family if the teacher asks you may land in hot water. Using this excuse should be only when something has happened so if proof is needed you won’t be in deeper trouble.

There are so many excuses for not doing homework many choose to use them instead of taking time to do their work. While there may be other excuses out there, keep in mind they should be legitimate reasons why your work didn’t get completed. They say honesty is the best policy and in some situations it is best to just tell the truth. Other than that, it is interesting to see why people didn’t get their assignments done. There are excuses that are obvious a student is lying while others some so out of touch with reality all you can do is laugh. Some want to know if it is possible to learn how to get away with not doing your homework when it is task they just don’t want to do period. Students can order their homework from and not worry about what to do without homework. What is the best excuse you’ve heard for not doing schoolwork?