Why is it Important to Use Social Media in Agriculture? Even Blog in Agriculture?


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Miraculously, since the Super Bowl, I have been sitting back and watching an almost amazing phenomenon happen in this country (or at least on the usually ugly social mediasphere).  {Now, this surprise might speak more to my very cynical view on how agriculture is currently viewed and will in the future, but I digress.}  You most likely saw it – the Ram Truck commercial featuring the late Paul Harvey.  In the commercial, a recording of Harvey at the 1978 National FFA Convention address “so God Made a Farmer” is featured.  They showed still pictures from amazing professional photographers truly capturing the essence of the farmer.  And if that were not enough for this agricultural educator, they finished with a black screen and finally flashed the FFA Emblem up to announce if they had 1 million hits on this video they would donate 1 million to hunger and agriculture education initiatives.  I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.  Amazing.


Just in case you didn’t see it:  Click here —>  So God Made a Farmer…Ram Trucks

Long before this commercial aired it had been a favorite of mine and struck the same cords that it apparently did in many others….many others.  The amazing part to me is it effected others who have not ever stepped foot in a barn nor plan on it; without some hasty judgement of how terrible farmers are.  Somehow Dodge spoke to our ideals we intrinsically hold dear.  I see hope.  And maybe not where I saw hope previously.

I feel this is why it is so important for farmers/producers to be self-advocates. Historically, farmers have been very poor at this.  The “keep on, keeping on” mentality had to some degree closeted the industry from the public.  Of course in today’s world what is closeted and isn’t spamming your inbox with articles, of course can’t be trusted (note the EXTREME sarcasm here).  You need to tell your story in a thoughtful, “ever aware of your audience” way.  This is one of the reasons why I am writing this blog, to help and share information for aggies.  I hope the information provided here will help farmers and ANYONE get established telling THEIR story.  We could all use a little more community and a little less confrontation.



So God Made a Farmer
Here is my example of “So God Made a Farmer”.  I cannot write this nor listen to Paul Harvey’s address without thinking of them (and shedding a tear).  This is one of my 70+ year old Uncles still working his land.  In a year’s time, I am very comfortable saying they work the work of 10 men.  This is the benchmark of my work ethic.  And this is where my love of agriculture comes from….beginning and end of story.

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