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Ex/ PSU Dairy Cents App Image

The above is one of my favorite agricultural apps.  I just love this graphic. PSU and a dairy cow all rolled up into one – gotta love it (sorry, have to show some love for my Alma Mater.)  I have a collection of Agriculture Apps and Agriculture Blogs I have been following for some time over at Pinterest, that I thought someone might benefit from (and as a resource for an upcoming workshop I am doing on technology).

Summertime allows a bit more time for research for resources such as these, so I thought you might find them useful.  Whether your school has a 1:1 initiative, BYOD (bring your own device) or you personally are interested, apps serve as an extra teaching resource for the classroom.

Texas A & M University has a really great list here.

Agriculture Apps, click here!

Agriculture Blogs, Click here!

Penultimate App

I recently found a really cool app that I have become very fond of.  I thought it could be used in various ways in the classroom – maybe to help a student depict a series of events or to come up with a custom logo.  The nice thing about Penultimate is that you can save it to Evernote, save the notebook page as a picture or export it in an e-mail.  It is sooooo easy to use.  In addition, it can be used as a handwriting tool to take notes and have them in a more custom fashion.




I find it easier to use with a Targus Stylist “pen” that allows you to more precise control over your movements within the app.  The pen also allows you to write in thick or finer ink….I quickly scribbled this down to share my artistic talents.  (Ha!  …note the sarcasm!)