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FFA Officer Leadership Building Activities


FFA Officer leadership building activities are a way to prepare our chapter’s leaders for the coming year.  School is just around the corner, so that means we are gearing up to get this party started.  We just returned from our chapter officer retreat and I wanted to share a few activities we did so that they may help you in the year(s) to come.  I have been teaching myself Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator for a few years now.  You know, because we don’t have enough to do as educators, but I find it fills a creative side that I have long since forgotten.  I wanted to create a generalized theme or just something visual to bring the students together, so I created the above “logo”.  {{I use the word logo very loosely, because I am by no means a graphic designer and wouldn’t want to insult those who are professionals in that area.}}  I have uploaded this image here via PPT format so you can add your own chapter to the image and use it for your own purposes.  All you would have to do than is “save as”, than click JPEG under file type when saving.


FullSizeRenderAnother exercise I wanted to share was based on Emojis.  As with any group of people who are together for a great deal of time, tensions arise.  I wanted to find a fun way to clearing the air from the previous year, so I thought Emojis could be a way to do that.  FFA Officers were asked to anomalously write down something that happened from last year that reminded them of the emotion from the Emoji.  I tried to create equal amounts of positive and negative and we made sure to end with the positive.  The officers enjoyed it and it was a nice icebreaker for the more meaningful conversations that needed to happen when thinking about the coming year.


Another activity was the “Why (K)not activity. I have Pinterest to thank for this one, but put the spin on it for our chapter. Another advisor (@neilfell) worked them through an amazing exercise using the 360 Vision Conference as inspiration where they came up with their own vision for their year and legacy. This laid the groundwork for them to take the risk of asking themselves Why Not? In the final hours of the retreat, they were asked to write down something to challenge themselves and others….a “what do I have to loose situation”. They came up with great concepts. Later I glued them together and posted in their office for them to see all year.

Example from Pinterest

Example from Pinterest

We created a space for each officer to build the other up. I have to thank Pinterest again for this one. I found a posting about team building where they used a chalkboard/whiteboard for each team member to write something great about the other. I thought this would be a great activity to bond the crew together. Ms. Slates, Mr. Fellenbaum and I became very unpopular when we wouldn’t allow them to see what others wrote. We took a photo and they are now framed and hanging in the new officer office. Hopefully when they are tired or working together, they can reflect on that moment and remember why they are doing what they are doing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.18.15 PM

Lastly, at one point in the retreat we had officers write letters to them selves. I stumbled upon futureme.org one day where you can actually write yourself a letter to be delivered via e-mail in the future.   I might have over done it with the letters, but we asked them to write letters to themselves halfway through the school year, at the end of the school year and than utilize futureme.org to write a letter five years from now. I am hoping these letters can reenergize them throughout the school year and provide a little gift for them sometime down the road.

[You can find the downloadables at the links included here at the NAAE Communities of Practice]

I would be remiss if not to say thank you to Mr. Fellenbaum and Ms. Slates for their help with the officer retreat. Both of them did so much work for the event, that I really appreciate their time.  I just thought other teachers out there might appreciate seeing what we did.

Everyone did a great job to hopefully position the group to have a stellar year.

I hope some of this is helpful!
Happy First Days!




The Path to being a Greenhand with Piktochart

 The Path to Being a Greenhand with Piktochart

For some time, I’ve been intrigued about the efficacy and creativity of infographics.  Where else can you provide clear and concise information in a way that is easily read and fun to explore?  There are many sites that provide opportunities to create infographics; such as, visual.ly, infogr.am, and easel.ly.  I chose to begin working with Piktochart due to its ease of use.  I believe this would be a great way to have students summarize content for a unit.  Here I created a quick infographic on how to become a Greenhand.  As we grow closer to the spring semester and banquet season, degree applications are upon us.  Hopefully this can help streamline your process.

The Path to Being a Greenhand


For ideas to create your own infographics, I like to browse Pinterest to find ideas.  You can check out my “Being Mrs. C – TeachAg” Pinterest Board for some agriculturally related infographics.   Enjoy!

The FFA Creed in Flash

Teaching with Technology

Source: http://www.coetail.com/stanleyaes/files/2013/10/teaching-with-technology.png


We all know our students have grown up with technology and it is more important to provide unique opportunities to learn; such as, using animation in the classroom like the FFA Creed in Flash.  Many schools are utilizing 1:1 or BYOD initiatives to harness that innate understanding.  As I build my technological repertoire, I thought it would be fun to create a series using Flash to help with learning the FFA Creed.

I am just learning this program and the video/link I have provided is very raw and basic, but maybe it can be of use to someone out there.  I plan on doing the rest of the Creed in just the same way.  Hopefully you see a progression of creative usage within Flash, or as the school year rolls around…it might just have to stay basic!  Here’s to all our audio and visual learners!

FFA Creed in Flash 1st Paragraph

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.13.45 AM