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Choosing a Blogging Platform…..Part 1

As I was stumbling around trying to figure out what the best blogging platform, it occurred to me that there are a few fundamental goals that need to be identified before you settle on a platform (or at least consider as you proceed).

1.  Who is your ultimate audience?

2.  How advanced is your “techie-ness”?

3.  Do I want to pay for the platform?

4.  What do I want my aesthetic to be?

As you consider these, it will come down to whether you want ease of use (at the cost of control of aesthetic and promotion) or you want more control with you doing the work!

Ease of use means they provide space for you to develop your blog on their hosting site; however you will have to use their free templates and service.  There are many choices and very good blog themes to work with, so don’t be concerned if you are just starting out.  So it is easier and quicker to use but you have limited options.  The inverse of this is a self-hosted software like WordPress.org.  Here the website does not provide you with internet real estate to post you blogs.  You have to purchase a domain name and hosting space.  However, once you have these you are only limited by your knowledge.


Free Blogging Sites:






If you are like me and always seem to have to take the hard road, I used a hosting site and bought my own domain name.  The domain name cost me $15.00 through HostGator.  I than bought a web hosting plan through them as well.  They seem to come well recommended and some of the other sites just seemed pretentious.  {I also have to say that I had a question about downloading WordPress when I did it myself for another blog and they were BEYOND helpful.  I had a really great experience with them so far.}  You have the choice of committing as long as you want and paying what you feel comfortable.  The most complicated thing about getting this started is downloading WordPress to your site.  There is a really wonderful opportunity out there in Blog Your Passion where they will load WordPress for you.  The only request that is made is you purchase your web hosting from HostGator through them.  {They get a commission from HostGator – brilliant!!!}  They also have some really great tutorials to help beginning bloggers.  Here is the site for the free set-up.

So to sum this up; you can do one of two things starting a blog:

1.  You can go with a more user-friendly site which provides you with both internet web space and the software to start.  This will have limits on the creative base that you may want for your blog, albiet still a wonderful service.

2.  You can go with purchasing your own domain name, web space and downloading the software yourself.  This will provide you the opportunity have endless latitude in creating your space.