Creating a concept or plan for your blog…

I believe it takes the average human between 5-8 seconds to develop a perception of you in person and it does not take much longer for your digital presence to be critiqued as well.  We always have to worry about image, regardless of our topic because anything we post is for the public to see.  So as you begin the blogging journey it is important to think about what your concept is.  So what do you have to offer?  Is it a special skill? Is it a hobby you enjoy?  Or maybe you just want to offer some professional help to colleagues.  Whatever it may be, we must begin to construct how we will be of service to our subject area; are we adding value to the topic?  Another consideration is making sure you don’t make the concept too broad.  This will help you to stay interested and help with readership if you are interested in that aspect.  Finally, do you want to do this just for fun, for profit or just for informational purposes?

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