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Guest Blogging and Spending Time as the “Penn State TeachAg Technologist”


Guest Blogging and Spending Time as the “Penn State TeachAg Technologist”:  I am happy to be guest blogging and spending time as the Penn State TeachAg Technologist.  Since October, I have been given the opportunity to provide technology tips, guest blog posts and any technology support to fellow agriculture teachers.  I have greatly enjoyed working in this capacity and find that I am at my greatest when I have a defined purpose and working towards a goal.  However, it has taken time away from my personal blog, here.  I will be posting some of my posts from the other platforms I am working with for my other role.  For now, please visit my Technology site on the AEE website for weekly technology tips.

Finished the FFA Creed Series

I finished the FFA Series!!!!  Well, I finally had time to post it to the blog nonetheless.  It has taken me some time, but I have been able to finish the FFA Creed Series.  Some of the audio is not ideal – I need a professional microphone, but hopefully it can be of use to those FFA Greenhands out there.

FFA Creed


Here is the 1st paragraph:

Here is the 2nd paragraph:

Here is the 3rd paragraph:

Here is the 4th paragraph:

Here is the 5th paragraph:




I am constantly trying to find different ways to help students in the classroom. A tool I found that is not very difficult to use and allows for quick use is Socrative.  This platform gives you several different ways for students to respond to your prompts.  Above is the homepage for Socrative.  Here you will “get started” if you already don’t have a log-in.  You will than be directed to the following screen.

Socrative Log-in

Socrative Log-in

Socrative takes little information to register and requires little information to really navigate the site.  Here they ask for an e-mail and password and that is it to enter the site.  You will than be guided to the next page where you are provided a “My Room Number”.  This is a number specific to you and a number you will have to provide to the students in order for them to enter.  When they log in, they will need this number in order to find you.  You will also see a “Students in Room” where once students are logged in, you will see how many students have entered.

Than it will be divided into “single question activities”, “quiz based activities”, and “create, edit or import quizzes”.

Socrative Dashboard

Socrative Dashboard

The single question activities would be used in class where you ask a question according to the type of question (true or false, multiple choice, etc) in class.  For example you may be discussing leadership in class, so you may open up a short answer room (just be clicking on the short answer button) and than ask the class to list the top five characteristics of leaders.  They can than type in the answers and it will be loaded onto your page.  This is most effective if you are projecting your screen at the same time.  I would also recommend you ask the student to list their name with the post so there is accountability.  The students can compare and contrast their peers information.
The quiz options can be utilized with already existing quizzes you may develop. I will write on this at a later date.

Hope this helps!!