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Periscope -> A Possible Addiction

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I’m afraid I might be addicted to Periscope.  As I dive deeper into my technology studies, I’m finding it takes me longer to adopt many of the “new and exciting” apps, etc.  In my opinion, at the heart of all technology in education, it has to be truly relevant and practical.  Does it meet some need or expand the horizons for students or simply just replace something I’m already doing?  I can have students take notes on paper or their computer…but that doesn’t mean I’m truly integrating technology.  However, the last few weeks as I’ve found a few moments to myself, I’ve been exploring Periscope and I am truly impressed and excited of the capabilities of this application.  Although I feel I am light years behind discovering this platform since it has been out since March, I am excited about the possibilities.  Being in the world of agriculture and career and technical education, this could be huge.  With virtually everyone having a mobile device now, we could reach experts in the field {pun intended} and utilize this instant interactive communication tool.  I would encourage you to download this app and search on on Twitter for #periscopeteachers or #periscopeEDU.

I have found that it is an awesome professional development tool already.  I was preparing for a technology presentation just a few days ago and was literally watching a “Scope” on using Periscope from Florida.  Obviously, there are things to watch out for when using this app (like making sure you turn off your location and restrict who can comment), but this is definitely one to explore.



Ex/ PSU Dairy Cents App Image

The above is one of my favorite agricultural apps.  I just love this graphic. PSU and a dairy cow all rolled up into one – gotta love it (sorry, have to show some love for my Alma Mater.)  I have a collection of Agriculture Apps and Agriculture Blogs I have been following for some time over at Pinterest, that I thought someone might benefit from (and as a resource for an upcoming workshop I am doing on technology).

Summertime allows a bit more time for research for resources such as these, so I thought you might find them useful.  Whether your school has a 1:1 initiative, BYOD (bring your own device) or you personally are interested, apps serve as an extra teaching resource for the classroom.

Texas A & M University has a really great list here.

Agriculture Apps, click here!

Agriculture Blogs, Click here!

Feeling chatty????


Don’t be left behind….

Don’t be left behind….Did you ever feel like the social media take-over can be overwhelming?  That if you’re not engaged in a conversation, that you’ll be left out of all conversations?  I know through my exploration of developing blogs, it is very clear the more you are connected, the more “relevant” you become…as far as the internet goes.  Cross linking and search engine optimization and keywords and tagging and…well the list goes on – seems to be an art and part strategy.

To continue information on Twitter, I thought I would post information on  Twitter chats.  There is an actual twitter chat schedule, where you can delve into “communities” established around specific topics.  At any given night there are a variety of topics you can enjoy.

For the aggies out there, there are several you might be interested in:
#AgChatOz (AgChat Australia)

Did I miss any???



Penultimate App

I recently found a really cool app that I have become very fond of.  I thought it could be used in various ways in the classroom – maybe to help a student depict a series of events or to come up with a custom logo.  The nice thing about Penultimate is that you can save it to Evernote, save the notebook page as a picture or export it in an e-mail.  It is sooooo easy to use.  In addition, it can be used as a handwriting tool to take notes and have them in a more custom fashion.




I find it easier to use with a Targus Stylist “pen” that allows you to more precise control over your movements within the app.  The pen also allows you to write in thick or finer ink….I quickly scribbled this down to share my artistic talents.  (Ha!  …note the sarcasm!)

How to Begin Blogging…early steps….

I had always looked at blogging as some kind of self-absorbed conquest by other people.  However, over the last year, I have enjoyed reading many blogs that have helped me both in technology/e-learning and in day-to-day interests.  I stand corrected!  Blogging in many instances is a platform for people who know a little bit {or a great deal} about a specific subject to share what they know.  It is a ‘take it or leave it approach’.  I will share my learning process along the way.

One of the first things I did was to try to organize my thoughts.  In blogging, it is best to first focus on one major topic or niche.  That way it is easier for people who are interested in your subject matter to find you.  I am a lifetime learner, I love to learn about different things.  This is the biggest reason why I started two blogs (shameless plug here: At the beginning of this blogging journey, I felt very limited by thinking I had to just deal with one specific subject and what’s what MY blog had to be all about.  Not good.  So I began compiling information, ideas, and thoughts.  One of the best ways I found was through Evernote.



It is super easy to save material in many different forms {plus I think it is a cute logo with the friendly elephant – so you now have the memory of an elephant!}.  You can voice record ideas and save that within a specific topic note.  You are also able to take pictures and scan documents as well.  Everything is tabbed and is easy to navigate.

Evernote, how to use evernote


Here is just a screen shot of some general notes I have taken thus far.  They are all “boxed” for easy access and it give you a snapshot of what you have in that note in case you forget.


Evernote, How to use Evernote

To me, it is the easiest to use.  I had used others and they were harder to navigate and I lost material (beware of “notes” on your iPhone!).  I will post more about how to use the different functions in blogs to come!