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Periscope -> A Possible Addiction

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I’m afraid I might be addicted to Periscope.  As I dive deeper into my technology studies, I’m finding it takes me longer to adopt many of the “new and exciting” apps, etc.  In my opinion, at the heart of all technology in education, it has to be truly relevant and practical.  Does it meet some need or expand the horizons for students or simply just replace something I’m already doing?  I can have students take notes on paper or their computer…but that doesn’t mean I’m truly integrating technology.  However, the last few weeks as I’ve found a few moments to myself, I’ve been exploring Periscope and I am truly impressed and excited of the capabilities of this application.  Although I feel I am light years behind discovering this platform since it has been out since March, I am excited about the possibilities.  Being in the world of agriculture and career and technical education, this could be huge.  With virtually everyone having a mobile device now, we could reach experts in the field {pun intended} and utilize this instant interactive communication tool.  I would encourage you to download this app and search on on Twitter for #periscopeteachers or #periscopeEDU.

I have found that it is an awesome professional development tool already.  I was preparing for a technology presentation just a few days ago and was literally watching a “Scope” on using Periscope from Florida.  Obviously, there are things to watch out for when using this app (like making sure you turn off your location and restrict who can comment), but this is definitely one to explore.