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Ex/ PSU Dairy Cents App Image

The above is one of my favorite agricultural apps.  I just love this graphic. PSU and a dairy cow all rolled up into one – gotta love it (sorry, have to show some love for my Alma Mater.)  I have a collection of Agriculture Apps and Agriculture Blogs I have been following for some time over at Pinterest, that I thought someone might benefit from (and as a resource for an upcoming workshop I am doing on technology).

Summertime allows a bit more time for research for resources such as these, so I thought you might find them useful.  Whether your school has a 1:1 initiative, BYOD (bring your own device) or you personally are interested, apps serve as an extra teaching resource for the classroom.

Texas A & M University has a really great list here.

Agriculture Apps, click here!

Agriculture Blogs, Click here!